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  Based in Holland, LOOKWELL has been developing and producing top quality motorcycle clothing for more than 30 years. Great legends in the likes of Mike Hailwood, Phil Read, Wil Hartog and many others, proudly sported their LOOKWELL gear around world famous racetracks. LOOKWELL has always been actively involved in motorcycle racing and we can truly say that our products have been track tested!

Today's fast and powerful motorcycles raised the standard of requirements for motorcycle riding gear. Keeping true to its tradition, LOOKWELL always strives to maintain and surpass the highest level of quality. In recognition towards this drive towards excellence, LOOKWELL was awarded the RAI GTO award in Holland.

LOOKWELL was also  selected by The Netherlands Royal National Police Services, as their supplier of motorcycle apparel.

Using revolutionary techniques and only the highest quality materials, we are known as the leader in the design of apparel that is the ultimate in comfort, protection, function and style. LOOKWELL's apparel range is tested against the most rigorous of conditions, far more strenuous than any rider should ever have to face.

Our design team is passionate riders and X-racers themselves, who ensure that all the rider's needs are incorporated into the product design.

LOOKWELL's great heritage and track record resulted in a loyal customer following across the globe, riders who will never settle for second best.

Whether you are doing adventure riding, exploring the globe, touring the twisty back roads, cruising down the highway or simply commuting in the city, LOOKWELL's complete range of men's and ladies leather and textile apparel has gear available that will match your riding style and needs.

Our fair price policy allows us to offer only the best quality motorcycle apparel at affordable prices.
How do we do it, you may ask? As a private company we own our own manufacturing facilities and we simply make less profit to ensure that our loyal customers get the best value for their money!

Secondly, unlike our competitors we do not spend thousands of dollars on glamorous full-page ads and other expensive marketing campaigns, to be finally collected from the customer. Next time you sample motorcycle apparel just look closely at the balance between price and quality and you should be able to easily estimate what percentage you will contribute to the label's marketing effort. Purchasing a LOOKWELL product, you don't pay for the name or label, instead you pay for what you as a rider actually get in the apparel:

Quality products that function and perform as designed, backed up by the best customer service humanly possible!

LOOKWELL dealers share the same passion and dedication towards motorcycling, committed to promote safety awareness amongst all riders and they see riding as a privilege, rather than a right!


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